TRIZfest 2017

September 14-16, 2017. Krakow, Poland

Updated: October 15, 2017

The 13th MATRIZ International Conference “TRIZfest 2017” was held in Krakow, Poland, on September 14-16, 2017, with a pre-conference tutorials day on  The event was organized by the International TRIZ Association (MATRIZ) in partnership with Novismo and a number of government and business organizations of Poland.

The pre-conference tutorials day September 13, 2017 included a number of tutorials on several subjects.

As usual, the participants had a chance to present their results and insights at the conference podium. This time the conference provided the floor for 60 presentations by speakers from 18 countries to expose and discuss their results, ideas, hypotheses, and challenges. Over 100 participants from 22 countries visited the event. The conference proceedings book includes 62 peer-reviewed papers and is available for free and open access, please check below.

The last conference day was allocated to Level 5 (TRIZ Master) certification and MATRIZ Congress. New MATRIZ Board and a new MATRIZ President were elected.


Final Agenda of TRIZfest 2017 including tutorials


TRIZfest 2017 Paper Presentations and Authors


Download the full text of TRIZfest 2017 Proceedings book with 62 papers


Hotel Andel’s by the Vienna House chain, is the conference venue:

Andel's by Vienna House Cracow
ul Pawia 3
31154 Cracow


  • Dr. Mark Barkan, TRIZ Master, MATRIZ Executive Director: The Organizing Committee Chair;
  • Mr. Valeri Souchkov, TRIZ Master: Chair of the Papers Review Committee;
  • Dr. Yury Fedosov, TRIZ Master: Treasurer;
  • Dr. Simon Litvin, TRIZ Master: Chairman of the TRIZ Master Certification Council (TMCC);
  • Mr. Przemysław Przytuła, NOVISMO: Polish representative;
  • Dr. Sergey Yatsunenko, Novismo: Polish representative.


  • Robert Adunka, Germany
  • Dmitry Bakhturin, Russia
  • Mark Barkan, USA
  • Tiziana Bertoncelli, Germany
  • Bohuslav Busov, Czech Republic
  • Isak Bukhman, USA
  • Marco Carvalho, Brazil
  • Christoph Dobrusskin, The Netherlands
  • Ellen Domb, USA
  • Lorenzo Duroux, France
  • Victor Fey, USA
  • Naum Feygenson, Russia
  • Oleg Feygenson, South Korea
  • Barabara Gronauer, Germany
  • Jürgen Hess, Germany
  • Kai Hiltmann, Germany
  • Sergei Ikovenko, USA
  • Karl Koltze, Germany
  • Len Kaplan, South Korea
  • Tuomo Kassi, Finland
  • Sergei Logvinov, Russia
  • Pavel Livotov, Germany
  • Alex Lyubomirskiy, USA
  • Oliver Mayer, Germany
  • Horst Naehler, Germany
  • Toru Nakagawa, Japan
  • Tanasak Pheunghua, Thailand
  • Alexey Pinyayev, USA
  • Valeriy Prushinskiy, USA
  • Caterina Rizzi, Italy
  • Manabu Sawaguchi, Japan
  • Pascal Sire, France
  • Valeri Souchkov, The Netherlands
  • Yongwei Sun, People Republic of China
  • Christian M. Thurnes, Germany
  • Tom Vaneker, The Netherlands
  • Teong San Yeoh, Malaysia
  • Hongyul Yoon, South Korea



On behalf of the Program Committee, we invite you to submit one or two papers as the first author (co-authorship is not limited) on the following topics:

  • Research and development of TRIZ theories and methods.
  • Development of TRIZ tools for practical applications.
  • Applications of TRIZ in science, engineering, business, and social environments.
  • Innovation process with TRIZ.
  • TRIZ-based pedagogy, education and training.
  • Case studies with TRIZ.
  • Integration of TRIZ with other process, design, and innovation management methodologies.

We also invite papers on systematic creativity, methods for automated inventing, and innovation management in the dialog with TRIZ or any other topic related to TRIZ.

The conference papers and presentations should report new results and insights within one of the following directions:

  • Research: Accomplished research results of an empirical or theoretical nature or work-in-progress where authors desire and are willing to contribute extra feedback.
  • Development of Methods and Tools: Presentation of new methods and tools or novel contributions to the improvement of existing TRIZ methods and tools for practical use.
  • Case Studies: Cases of successful application of TRIZ and TRIZ-related methods and tools with proven results.
  • Best Practices: Demonstrations of significant successful business practices, applications, and insights.


  • The deadline for submitting abstracts: February 1, 2017
  • Notification of abstracts acceptance: February 15, 2017
  • The deadline for submitting full papers: June 1, 2017
  • Notification of full papers acceptance: June 30, 2017
  • The deadline for submitting final papers: August 15, 2017


To express your intention to submit a full paper and make presentation, first you have to submit an abstract of your future paper. The abstract must not exceed one page of A4 format and can be written in a free style. Your abstract will be evaluated and you will be informed regarding an invitation to submit a full paper and presentation.

Each abstract must include the following information:

  • Paper Title.
  • Names of authors and co-authors, their current affiliation.
  • Text of the abstract.
  • E-mail address of a communicating author (or a communicating co-author).

Only two submissions per author are permitted. There is no limit on co-authoring or co-presenting. The file with your abstract should be submitted to  by the respective deadline date (see "Important Dates").


The official language of the conference is English. All abstracts, papers and presentations must be submitted in English. Submissions in all other languages will not be considered.


Once your abstract is reviewed, accepted and you are notified about acceptance, you will be invited to submit a paper which should be at least four pages long and not exceed twelve pages. Each paper’s layout must match the conference layout template (see link below) and include the following:

  • Paper Title.
  • Names of authors and co-authors, their current affiliation.
  • Abstract.
  • Main text.
  • List of references.
  • E-mail address of a communicating author or a co-author.

The following information must be submitted at a separate page: Contact Information of all authors and co-authors: full name, company/organization, e-mail address, phone number, mailing address.

All files should be submitted to by the respective deadline date.

The papers will be published by the first conference day in a conference proceedings volume including ISSN and ISBN numbers.


Your paper must follow the paper layout developed for the conference. A paper submitted with a layout different from the official conference layout will be rejected.
The files with the paper layout (in the .doc and .pdf formats stored in .zip archive) can be downloaded from:


All papers will be evaluated for acceptance to the conference through double-blind reviewing independently of papers topics. The research papers reviewing committee is composed of the experts with strong academic experience, the practitioners committee will consist of experts with distinguished practical experience of using TRIZ and Systematic Innovation in industry and business.

Only those papers will be included to the conference proceedings whose authors would timely pay the conference registration fee.


For new information, please check and

For questions, please contact us at or directly Dr. Mark Barkan for general questions or Valeri Souchkov for questions related to conference papers and reviewing.

We will provide further information as it develops.

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