BizTRIZCon 2018

May 24-25, 2018. Minsk, Belarus

In the recent years, many businesses have learned that introducing technological innovations to improve their business performance might not be enough to keep ahead of the competition. Often, only when coupled with innovating the ways in which business is done, technological means can let organizations to successfully capture new and expand their existing market shares and ensure sustainability of maintaining competitive edge and market leadership.

In our century, attempts to innovate in both technology and business in the old-fashioned way by using random and unorganized methods based on trials and errors may lead to fatal results. It is why many businesses started to look for and adopt systematic, knowledge-based methods to organize, manage and support innovation processes to drastically increase performance and quality of their innovation activities.

As a solution, many of these businesses use TRIZ: a groundbreaking methodology of supporting front-end of innovation created and developed by engineers and scientists who extracted the basic principles and patterns of inventive solutions. TRIZ resulted from a long-term study of a massive number or technology innovations which led to the emergence of tools supporting various phases of innovation. Modern TRIZ suggests a framework which turns innovation to a manageable and predictable process. Today TRIZ is recognized as an innovation platform by many world-leading corporations, including General Electric, Hyundai, Intel, Samsung, Siemens, and so forth.

“Business TRIZ” is a title given to a branch of TRIZ which deals with innovation in business and management rather than in technology and engineering. Although different in practical applications, original TRIZ and Business TRIZ share the same fundamental principles which help with understanding innovation and making it systematic and continuous.

This unique international open conference aims to bring together all those who are interested in Business TRIZ, establish a Business TRIZ network of professionals and enthusiasts, learn about current state of the art of Business TRIZ, and provide a platform for discussing key issues of future of Business TRIZ.

The conference will last 2 days, with a day of pre-conference tutorials.


  • Discover current state of the art of Business TRIZ.
  • Learn from Business TRIZ developers and lead users.
  • Establish international Business TRIZ community and network. 
  • Discuss future strategies of developing and promoting Business TRIZ.


May 23, 2017: Pre-conference Tutorials

This day is optional for the main conference participants and aims to introduce knowledge of Business TRIZ fundamentals and some practical techniques. The tutorials will be open to general public as well for a small fee.

Day One (May 24, 2017): Presentations and networking

Day one will create space for networking and present a number of speakers who have been busy with developing and using Business TRIZ. Their presentations will shed light on how TRIZ and Systematic Innovation can be used to:

  • Solve business and management problems and challenges in the innovative, win-win ways.
  • Develop innovative business models. Introduce breakthrough business process improvements.
  • Help with service innovation.
  • Improve future business forecast.

Day Two (May 25, 2017): Roundtable Discussions

Day two will focus on creating a working space for understanding where Business TRIZ currently stands, what a common platform of Business TRIZ can be proposed, and discussing key aspects of further cooperation on the development and promoting Business TRIZ.

  • Roundtable 1: Discussing theoretical and methodological aspects, summarizing general outline of Business TRIZ.
  • Roundtable 2: Discussing training/implementation aspects.
  • Roundtable 3: Discussing and developing a common platform: format of further cooperation, interaction with other TRIZ communities.

All conference participants are invited to participate in the roundtable discussions.


The official language of the event is English.


Minsk, Belarus.

Minsk is a city, where the first ever project to promote and distribute TRIZ across the world was successfully launched. Software package “Invention Machine” developed in Minsk brought TRIZ to almost every corner of the world.

Foreigners from most countries can visit and stay 5 days visa-free in Belarus provided they enter the country through Minsk international airport.


EPAM, ICG T&C, TRIZ Training International Centre.


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